a wide range of networking solutions.

ZUKEN ELMIC fully supports your system development by providing protocol stack libraries and design consulting service.

Protocol Stacks

Easy to use source-code libraries to implement various networking protocols.

: "Ze-PRO IPcam", "Ze-PRO IPmon" "Ze-PRO IPrec" details
RTP: "Ze-PRO RTP" details
Ethernet AVB: "Ze-PRO AVB" details
TCP/IP (IPv4/v6) and Peripheral: "KASAGO"

Embedded Software Design Consulting Services

Design consulting service of embedded software including firmware, middleware, device driver and upper application software. System integration service with hard ware is also available.

Hardware Modules

  • Intelligent communication board "PCI-COM/FPGA"
  • SS WLAN module "Ze-Module WLAN"

Smart Factory Solutions

  • cooperative system between IP camera and FA "FA-ONVIF Gateway"
  • SEMI standard communication software packages "SoftComGEM300"