ZUKEN ELMIC forms partnership with leading software and hardware vendors as well as tool vendors. These partnerships allows us to propose the best solution that accelerates time-to-market and reduce development cost.

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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)
Enea Embedded Technology
   Real-time OS "OSE"
Fujitsu LSI Solution Ltd.
   System LSI solution
Hitachi ULSI Systems Co., Ltd.
   SuperH reference board "Solution Engine"
Microsoft Corporation
   Windows Embedded
MontaVista Software, Inc.
   MontaVista Linux
NEC Electronics Corporation
   Microprocessors "VR series"
Personal Media Corporation
   "T-Engine Development Kit" and T-Engine application
Renesas Technology Corp.
   Microprocessors "SuperH" and "SH Mobile"
Texas Instruments Inc.
Toshiba Semiconductor Company
   Microprocessors "TX-Series"
Treck, Inc.
   Treck TCP/IP and other protocol software
Websoft International Inc.
   Embedded browser "Esprit"
Zuken Inc.

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Japan Embedded Linux Consortium

Japan System House Association

IPv6 Promotion Counsil
IPv6 Ready Logo Program


SH-Mobile Consortium

SpecC Technology Open Consortium

TRON Association

T-Engine Forum